Hey, I’m Tessah. I’m so thrilled to have you here! 

I just started my own agency where I help clients and students learn more about SEO and how they can grow their business online.  I also created my first online course with one goal in mind: to teach you how to build a branded website that will make money as soon as possible. You’ll learn how to do SEO  and how to build PROFITABLE Amazon affiliate sites.

Twelve years ago, I discovered the method of ranking sites on page 1 of Google and earning money online. I GOT hooked! I decided to learn SEO and how to build Amazon affiliate sites that would make me money.

At first, I was happy if I would make an extra $1K, but when I saw my online friends making five and six-figures per month, I was determined to be like them one day.

I want to be honest. It was not an easy journey. There was a time I got so depressed that I quit. It took me a lot of courage to approach Shawna (my first ever coach) to help me start all over again. I promised myself that I wouldn’t waste Shawna’s time and would show up for myself! Do you know what happened?

That same year my income report took a very steep upward growth. From $0 to $9K! Unbelievable, eh?! Since then, I have been building, ranking, and flipping websites. My biggest flip so far was a site I sold for $143K.

It is my goal to retire soon with my husband and pay-off our mortgage early. Building blogs for business, I know these are very DOABLE goals.